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The CaliforniaChoice HSA & Banking Partners

Below is a listing of our outstanding bank partners, each of which you can open your HSA with. Click on any of the banks for more information on rates, fees and enrollment opportunities.

We think you should expect more out of your Health Savings Account. That's why we created the MyHSA Health Savings Account program. It's not just a checking account in disguise, it's a 401(k) look-alike HSA investment account. Accessing your money is easy. Your MyHSA debit card gives you access to both your invested balance and your cash balance, no more transferring money between multiple accounts. For more information, visit our website at or call (800) 576-9472.

For the past 15 years First American Bank has proudly served and continues to serve the HSA banking needs of individuals and employer groups of all sizes Nationwide. Offering educational resources and personalized assistance to help qualified individuals choose the account option that is best. First American Bank clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a full-service financial services provider focused on delivering greater value. With more than 25 million Americans now taking advantage of the triple tax savings HSAs are best known for, a First American HSA helps maximize healthcare purchasing power and savings potential.

We stand by our philosophy that the individual needs of our clients come first!

HealthEquity empowers Americans to build health savings by providing powerful tools for health savings accounts (HSAs). We manage over $5.4 billion dollars in deposits, which makes us a leading dedicated health account custodian in the nation. Our convenient solution also serves 3.4 million HSAs, owned by individuals at 38,000+ companies across the country. With member support available every hour of every day, our team provides around-the-clock insight to maximize health savings.

Our HSA includes a convenient HealthEquity VISA® Health Account Card1, a convenient online portal and a mobile app for account management, and investment options to increase your tax-free earning potential2.

Visit their website to enroll now:

1This card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
2 HSAs are never taxed at a federal income tax level when used appropriately for qualified medical expenses. Also, most states recognize HSA funds as tax-free with very few exceptions. Please consult a tax advisor regarding your state's special rules.

HealthSavings empowers consumer-driven health plan participants to invest their health benefit dollars in institutional-class funds so they can grow their savings tax-free and meet their financial goals for a happy, healthy future. By choosing from a carefully curated selection of funds with lower expense ratios and no trading fees, HealthSavings account holders have historically saved five times more than the industry average. Visit to learn more.

HSA Bank® is a national leader in the administration of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), with more than 10 years of experience.  We provide outstanding customer care that exceeds expectations.  Discover the quality service, flexible options, and convenience that HSA Bank offers.  Visit or call (866) 357-5232 for details.

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