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Get to Know CaliforniaChoice
Learn more about CaliforniaChoice and what we offer by watching our videos below.
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Hi, we're CaliforniaChoice

Find out why we're a solution both brokers and employees will love with multiple carriers, benefit types and more.

Multiple Options: One Program

With CaliforniaChoice, your employees get multiple health care options and affordable rates in one program.

Flexible Health Insurance Solutions Since 1996

With CaliforniaChoice, your employees can choose from one of eight Health Plans and you can control your costs.

Eight Insurance Plans

Why only offer access to one insurance carrier when you can choose from eight?

Cost Control Strategies

Paying for healthcare can be less burdensome if you have the flexibility to find a budget that works with your business

Simplified Administration

Similar to bundling your phone, wi-fi and other tools for your business, we bundle all of your health care options into one program.

Extra Perks for Your Business

More than medical benefits, CaliforniaChoice gives you access to additional business services and no additional cost.

How a Broker Can Help Your Business

By working with a broker you get a partner dedicated to helping your business and they cost your business $0.

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