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An employer is required to:

  • Be a California Company employing 1 to 100 eligible employees. Majority of eligible employees must reside in California. Eligible Employees must be permanent and actively working an average of 30+ hours per week over the course of a month, at the small employer’s regular place of business or 20+ hours per normal work week for at least 50% of the weeks in the previous calendar quarter. Ineligible employees include 1099, commissioned, permanent employees eligible for medical health care coverage offered by or through a labor union, part-time, seasonal, temporary or substitute and employees on a leave of absence not categorized as FMLA, Workers Compensation or Military.
  • Contribute a minimum of 50% of the lowest cost medical benefit plan available to the employee based on employee zip code.
  • Give ALL eligible employees the opportunity to enroll. This opportunity should also be extended to COBRA eligibles.
  • Meet the participation requirements listed below. You do not have to count those who will be keeping another employer's group health coverage as part of your total number of eligible employees, unless your contribution towards employee's lowest cost premium is equal to 100%.
    • 1-2 Employees: 100% of all employees. All groups must include at least one medical enrolled employee who is not a business owner or spouse of business owner
    • 3-100 Employees: 70% of eligible employees enrolling in CaliforniaChoice®

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