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These days it seems everyone is talking about "choice", but for us that's not just
a buzzword, it's who we are. When we started CaliforniaChoice in 1996, the idea
of offering employers a program that provided access to multiple health plans and
benefits was truly revolutionary. Now, with more than twenty years of innovation
and experience, we've learned how to make offering an employee-choice health insurance exchange as effortless as possible.

Easy. Powerful. Simple. And we're just getting started.
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The content included in the Automated Choice Profiler (”ACP"), provider directory interface and associated web pages (“Content”) is intended to provide the following, which may include, without limitation, estimates of the user’s total costs by plan, a provider directory interface, and a list of quality measures for each respective plan based upon the information submitted by you or any third party (“User”). The Content may also include rates which are estimates only, and are based upon actuarial data of persons of similar age, family composition, and self-reported health status. Please refer to the respective plan’s Evidence of Coverage for a comprehensive list of benefits and verification.

The Content is derived from various sources, including health plans participating in the CaliforniaChoice® program. While these sources are considered reliable, we have not verified nor can we guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such information. The Content is provided on an "AS-IS" basis. CaliforniaChoice®, its licensors and its suppliers, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied Warranties of Merchantability, Fitness for a Particular Purpose, and Non-Infringement. Without limiting the foregoing, CaliforniaChoice®, its licensors and its suppliers do not warrant nor represent that the Content, or any part thereof or therefrom, is accurate or complete. CaliforniaChoice®, its licensors and its suppliers shall in no event be liable to a User for any decision made or action taken by a User in reliance upon Content displayed in or through the ACP, provider directory interface and associated web pages. Thus, it is solely the User’s responsibility to verify any information obtained from these sources directly with the respective health plan prior to making any decisions thereon or incurring any costs based on such information. In no event shall CaliforniaChoice®, be liable for any incidental, consequential, special, or similar damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

All rights to the Content contained in the ACP, provider directory interface, associated web pages and on this present site are reserved by the respective legal owners of such Content, including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, and service mark rights. By viewing this Content, the User does not acquire any rights whatsoever therein. The ACP, provider directory interface, associated web pages and this site may also contain information that is proprietary and/or confidential and a User may not reproduce such Content without the express written consent of the Content owner(s).

By using the ACP, provider directory interface, associated web pages and this site the User expressly and impliedly agrees to the above terms and conditions.

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