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Bank Rates and Fees
Alliance Benefit Group


Finally An HSA That Is Easy To Own And Use!

With the MyHSA Health Savings Account you have only one account that holds both cash and investments. As you make contributions our administration system automatically allocates your funds to cash and/or investments. When you need access to your funds just swipe your debit card (you have access to 95% of your total account balance including both cash and investments with your debit card) or tell us the amount you need, our administration system will, if needed, automatically sell the necessary investments to pay your claim.

With a MyHSA Health Savings Account you receive:

  1. An Investment option that pays a fixed interest rate of 2.75% (through August 2020).
  2. An HSA that automatically starts investing your funds after you have deposited only $200 in cash.
  3. An HSA that is only one account. You don’t have a cash account and a separate investment account that forces you to transfer funds between multiple accounts.
  4. A debit card that has access to between 95% and 100% of your total account balance including both cash and investments.
  5. Investment options from multiple mutual fund family.
  6. An HSA that is easy to own and use.

Alliance Benefit Comparison

The MyHSA Health Savings Account is not FDIC insured and could lose value.

MyHSA Fees

Account set-up fee:


Monthly maintenance fee:


Visa Debit Card:

One debit card included

Additional Debit cards:

$5.00 Each

Withdrawal form distributions:


The following interest rate applies to the MetLife Guaranteed Fund. The Guaranteed Fund offers all participants a single fixed rate of return. The fund is a guarantee of principal and interest from MetLife (see the fund factsheet for details). The rate shown below is fixed through August 2020. You are eligible to start investing in this account after you have deposited only $200 in cash. For more information on the MetLife Guaranteed Fund
click here.

Interest Rate

MetLife Guaranteed Fund


Changing Investments

There are no sales loads charged by any of the funds offered in the MyHSA program, for a complete list of funds
click here. You can move funds between investments, change future contribution allocations, and/or rebalance your account when needed.

Contributing to your MyHSA account

We accept contributions to your MyHSA account in 3 different forms to give more flexibility.

  • Payroll deduction – Your employer sends us your contributions.
    • Personal Check – You send us your contribution(s).
    • ACH Pull – Once a month or whenever you need us to, we electronically pull your MyHSA contribution from one of your other accounts. The amount pulled can be changed to meet your needs.

        Accessing the funds in your MyHSA account

        There are two ways to access the funds in your MyHSA account.

      • Use your debit card – You have access to 95% of your total account balance including both cash and investments on your debit card. Just swipe your card and our administration system will process the funds to pay the claim.
      • Paper form – You can complete a Distribution Form, send it to us, and we will then either direct deposit your funds into another account, or send you a check.

      • Additional Fees

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