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What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
What are the advantages of owning an HSA?
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What are the advantages of owning an HSA?

The Value
Lower current premium cost to employers
Lower current payroll deduction to employees
Tax advantaged vehicle to save for the future
Fosters cost-conscious consumer choices
Encourage greater transparency in provider pricing / quality reporting

Allowable Preventive Care Benefits
Annual Health exams
Prenatal and well childcare
Child and adult immunizations
Smoking cessation programs
Obesity weight loss programs
Screenings like mammograms, psa tests

Passbook savings
Mutual funds

Advantages to Employer
Reduce health care cost
Promote employee accountability
Reduce actual spending and rate of growth for their health care benefit plan costs
Simplify benefit administration through defined contributions
Can govern how their contributions are used
Lower the payroll base used to set workers compensation premiums and payroll tax contributions

Advantages to Employees
Pay for dental, vision, long-term care premiums, alternative medicine and covered services
Contributions and earnings grow tax-free and are portable
Accounts can accumulate over time in tax-sheltered investments
Premiums are affordable and tend to be more stable over time
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